Join our membership flower club and pick up fresh flowers each week during the months of May through October. We'll have paper-wrapped bouquets (first come first served) and buckets of many different flowers varieties and colors every Thursday from 3:00 until 5:00 ready for pickup at ___________________________.


With your membership, you can purchase bouquets ready to take home and place in your own vase, and/or choose an assortment of flower stems from our buckets and arrange yourself. Flowers will be cut fresh from our farm, conditioned and ready to become beautiful arrangments for your home, church alter, or to gift a friend or someone special.


We'll keep track of your account and let you know when you are close to using all of your banked flower club money. You can then replenish your account online. There are three membership levels: Small at $100.00 minimum, Medium at $250.00, and Large at $500.00.

Only Flower Club Members can "purchase" flowers on Thursday.

Join the Bloomin' Idiots Flower Club

Flower Club Membership Fees
  • Flower Club Membership must be paid in advance of member day (Thursdays 3:00-5:00). Payment is accepted online.


Almost 80 percent of the fresh flowers sold in the United States and Canada are not grown in North America. They are grown in Ecuador, Brazil, or Columbia and shipped to the US where they are sold to brokers and wholesellers. The flowers from other countries might have been cut from the fields 8 days or more before you even see them. No wonder flower arrangements never last very long!


Many commodity-type flowers like Roses for example, have been bred over the years by the big production growers in the US and other countries for uniformity – they want them to fit into a box and often those “over-bred” flowers lose their natural fragrance during the breeding process. Bloomin’ Idiots Flowers produces flowers – mostly from seeds started in our greenhouse, in a wide range of colors, forms, and scents. Bottom Line: Our flowers smell like God created them

to smell!



We strive to produce flowers using responsible farming methods that encourage important soil health, and water conservation.


The production and sale of locally-grown cut flowers contribute to our communities economy, provide employment, and contributes valuable agriculture experience to many.

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